About Us

With over 19 years of event management experience, we at Nolwazi Africa are well positioned and committed to offering a full range of customized conference, events and training solutions, helping our clients to maintain and grow their personal skills development and knowledge within their respective fields of profession.

Nolwazi Africa ensures that all our events are up-to-date, relevant and well executed with specific attention focused to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We facilitate numerous training events each year throughout Africa and have become the leading training provider and first choice for many of our satisfied clients.

We strive on building strategic alliances, and pride ourselves in our established long-term partnerships with highly skilled professional trainers and advisors who share the same core values and vision as Nolwazi Africa. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of training available in today’s competitive environment, ensuring that all our attendees are kept current and up to date with the latest industry trends.

Our conferences, seminars and training courses are conducted at public five star venues throughout Africa. We also provide the alternative option of in-house/on-site courses tailor-made to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Nolwazi Africa’s Mission

Our mission is to establish close ties and a direct client friendly, quality service orientated enterprise. Nolwazi Africa’s aim is to provide all employees the opportunity to improve their expertise and skills thus improving their self-confidence and compliance. We strive in our actions to uphold our philosophy “Liberation Through Education” in our endeavors’ to liberate the people of Africa.


Nolwazi Africa’s Vision

Nolwazi Africa’s vision is to establish itself as a leader in quality, tailor-made training solutions and consultancy agents to all industries in South Africa and various other countries throughout Africa. We strive to gain recognition as the most competent, reliable and most cost effective service and training provider to the Manufacturing, Mining, Commercial, Financial and Banking industries.